Pectus Carinatum Workout Routine

I haven’t shot the videos for my Pectus Carinatum workouts yet but I will say a little about it here now. The workouts are designed to mask my Carinatum. The muscles that you want to build are all the muscles around your pectus carinatum.

For me the targeted muscles were my upper abbs, lower chest and upper chest. Surprisingly, back workout played a significant role in correcting my Pectus Carinatum because it helped straighten my posture. I have a slight case of scoliosis associated with my Pectus Carinatum, and a lot of other people do too.

Now when I say I am doing 4 different muscle groups that does not limit me to only 4 exercises! My chest workout alone takes me 45 minutes if I do it right! So, if you have pectus and want to join this discussion remember that this was a hard road. Nonetheless, it was the best decision I made to spend all this time in the gym.

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  1. very inspiring before and afters, i don’t look as bad as the before but still pretty close. question: do you sleep on one side? if so, is it the side of your chest that goes in? i do, and i tihnk i have been my entire life. Im pretty sure it worsened my condition greatly with so much weight on the side of my body that goes in ( the right) ive tried sleeping on my back il just stay up all night until im too tired and end up waking up on my side in the morning, lately ive been cornering my self in my bed kind of forcing myself to sleep on the left side.

    • To be honest I don’t know if sleeping on one side will do anything. I have always wondered the same thing. I used to think sleeping on my front would help push the Carinatum back in. But that was just wishful thinking. If anyone else reads this and would like to shed some light on the subject that would be great.

  2. Hey mate, I also have pigeon chest and have been checking the website frequently. Although I do not post I am inspired to give it ago.

    Just wondering if you have got round to posting them youtube videos of your workout? Would be a great help.

    Also wondering if the no archive update for march means you have given up on this website? I hope not cause I was very gratful to stumble across the website and i hope it can help others aswell.

    Also do you have an email/blog/etc.. or somthing people could post questions on .. no offense but I kinda get lost on this site.

    Thanks in advance

  3. Sorry for the delay. I have neglected updating the site because of other projects. I don’t have a set date to post videos but it is still my intention to do so. Thanks for checking back and I’m sure everyone on here would also love to hear more about your condition as well.

  4. I have pectus carnitum, i would love to see videos on how to work out if their is an existing link please send! my pigeon chest has affected my breathing and i’ve been asthmatic my whole life I would love to learn breathing excercises as well as workout excercises. kinda feeling hopeless but would be ecstatic if I could fix this deformity through excersise lol thanks.


  5. hi friends. i also facing the same problem i hv gone through many a doctor but i can’t find any treatment. now my cartilage get increasing now i’m 23 & don’t have enough money to get treatment. plz tell some daily routine workout so that i can correct my cartilage to some extent. i’m from india.

  6. I also have this problem, I’m from Namibia, Africa… And I really need a good workout routine. I’ve been benching, doing a lot of flys, dumbell pullovers and push ups but I seriously need more exercises related to the condition.

  7. Hi, I’m 25 years old, UK born, I work in a gym and have the carinatum condition to the extent my right pec protrudes and a lump sits just left of the sternum, I feel the condition has always dampened my confidence, I have been fortunate enough not to be teased at school during P.E and never had any bad results during intimacy with the opposite sex but it would still bother me, I agree with all of the above in terms of sleeping on the one side etc I also notice cramping and shortness of breath etc but as I have started to exercise I have more issues with tight fitting clothes more than taking my shirt off. Throughout life it is a case of acceptance, as I now work in a gym it is tough seeing others with great physiques and has led me to delve into experimental exercises but now I’m possibly considering surgery due to potential physical problems later in life , working in a gym people have high expectations of your knowledge and appearance so the condition is as helpful as much it is a hindrance! Im not religious but this prayer helps

    ‘God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.’ Reinhold Niebuhr

  8. Hi friends. I too experience the same problem. Eventhough i didnt consider it seriously in my teenage, now i am starting to feel pressure over my sternum. I am afraid that the feeling is due to my sleeping posture. I think working out will only “hide” PC, not “cure” it.

  9. I’ve had a pigeon chest since I was about 7 years old. As I grew up the best option was to hide it. I would spend most of my time trying to flex my chest to hold it in if anyone was around and it worked for a while, but as I got older it got bigger. I finally decided working out. And I think that working with dumbells to exercise your chest one day then just simply flexing your chest muscles the whole next day is the optimum and fastest way to build your chest. I just started this workout and in a week I have almost doubled my chest.

  10. Look up PECTUS SERVICES on the web. My son had this procedure and bracing and it worked great! His deformity was severe. We did not want him to have surgery. We found Pectus Services online. Traveled to see Joe with T-Joe bracing a few times, he adjusted my son and made him a custom brace. He wore the brace for 6 months and now looks completely normal. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

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