Exercise Schedule

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Pectus Carinatum Non Surgery Workouts and Exercises for Bodybuilding

8:00 AM


Weight Gain Protein Shake

My workout routine starts first thing in the morning with a protein shake that I custom make.

Blender for workout protein shake

Get a blender

Weight gain protein shake pectus carinatum

Frozen yogurt

Weight gain protein shake pectus carinatum


Weight gain muscle milk protein shake pectus carinatum

Protein of your choice

Weight gain muscle milk protein shake pectus carinatum

Smooth Peanut Butter

Weight gain muscle milk protein shake pectus carinatum

Throw a banana in there

Weight gain muscle milk protein shake pectus carinatum

This is for flavor... not the healthiest way to go.

Weight gain muscle milk protein shake pectus carinatum


10:00 AM


2nd Breakfast

I never let myself get hungry so I usually eat a snack that is high in carbs/calories. Pick something healthy! This keeps my body energized until I can make it to lunch.

1:00 PM



I usually eat a lot of protien at lunch with a side of starchy food. Something like tuna or chicken with a side of rice or noodles. Chinese food usually does the trick here.

3:00 PM


2nd Lunch

The time between lunch and my workout is way to long to go without food so I will eat something with carbs in it.

3:30 PM


Power Nap

After eating a small snack I will take a 15 to 20 minute power nap while my food metabolizes in me.

4:00 PM


Pre Workout

As soon as I wake up from a power nap I take my pre-workout supplements. A nitric oxide booster like NO-Explode or Jacked 3D mixed with some creatine pills. I give this stuff about 30 minutes to set in my system while I change into my workout clothes and drive to the gym.

NO-Explode and Jacked 3D are my favorite pre-workout drinks. I like both of them equally so I will alternate when I run out of one. I will mix that with two creatine pills. NItrix is not necessary unless you have money to throw away. But, it does make you jacked so much that you feel like your muscles are ripping out of your skin. Make sure you read the suggestions on the bottle when taking these supplements.

Please follow the dosage instructions on the bottles and be sure to cycle off of this stuff! Don’t over do it on the supplements! And sometime the dosage on the bottle is TOO MUCH. Marketers will tell you to take a lot so you will buy more.

Pectus Carinatum Pre Workout No XplodePectus Carinatum Jacked 3D Pre WorkoutPectus Carinatum Pre Workout NitrixCreatine for body building Pectus Carinatum

4:30 PM

* Workout (This workout is not for everyone! Please study bodybuilding thoroughly and do what is right for YOU!)

Monday – Chest, Triceps, Abs, Biceps

Tuesday – Legs, Back, Shoulders

Wednesday – Repeat Monday’s workout

Thursday – Repeat Tuesday’s workout

Friday – Repeat Monday’s Workout

Saturday – Repeat Tuesday’s Workout

*All workouts are subject to change on any given day depending on need and the concept of “listening to your body”. The above routine may be altered every 2 or 3 weeks. I have about 3 other workout routines that I alternate with this one.

5:30 PM

Protein + Creatine

6:00 PM

Finish Workout

6:30 PM



On my way home from the gym I will get a calorie-packed dinner.

9:00 PM

2nd Dinner

Between dinner and sleep I always get hungry and will eat pretty much anything around the house. No preference as to what I eat here.

11:30 PM


Protien Before Bed

A protien shake before bed is good because 80% of your muscle repair is done in your sleep. This is the time that you really do your body building.

12:00 AM


8 Hours Sleep

If I don’t get 8 hours of sleep my body won’t have the time to repair its self for the next day’s workout. Sleep is important!

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