Full Chest Workout For Pectus Carinatum

This exercise works every muscle in your chest while expanding your rib cage. Make sure to concentrate on flexing the muscles under your pecs while doing this workout. This will isolate your upper abs, serratus muscles, and lower chest. Building these muscles will help cover the visual appearance of your Pectus Carinatum. Remember its not about how much you lift but how you lift it. For those who have Pectus Carinatum you have to really concentrate and isolate those muscles.

6 thoughts on “Full Chest Workout For Pectus Carinatum

  1. Thanks for uploading the video, helps a lot. Been doing the exercises mentioned for a little over a month now and can start to see a difference. May be small but its a start!

  2. Hey, my name is Cansu, I’m 17 and I live in Turkey. I just came from the doctor and he told me that I both have scoliosis and Pectus Carinatum but they are very little I mean normally people wouldn’t notice if they didn’t pay attention but when I lay and look at my body there is a little difference between my ribs on both sides.
    I saw on the x-ray that cause of scoliosis some of my ribs on the left side got closer to each other and therefore they’re more significant. And also on the upper left side of my back there is a small bump.
    Anyway I’m also interested in many sports for 7 years and professionally doing fencing. I asked him is there anything that I can do to make it look flat or less tumescent and he told me that I could swim and also said that I should avoid some of those gym exercises. Can you help me about what should I do ? I really appreciate it.

  3. I think it is odd that your doctor told you to avoid gym exercises. A lot of people have found that lifting weights builds muscle and helps cover their Pectus Carinatum. I also have a little scoliosis, i can notice it’s there but most people can’t see it. With scoliosis it is important to keep good posture while working out. Do some research on the internet about posture exercises. I would also research bodybuilding posture and weight lifting posture. Lifting weights can make your posture worse if you do it wrong or make your posture better if you do it right.

    Do a lot of research online and get opinions from many people and doctors. Hope this helps you.

  4. Hello. I am 26. I am from France. I suffer from Pectus Carinatum. Do know if there is an orthpedic treatment and if it is efficient??However i can’t open your video to see exercices. Are you sure that still available?? thank you for this informations.

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