Warming Up

Proper warm up will affect your entire workout. I live in a cold climate and the warm up process for me starts with making sure I don’t get cold while traveling to the gym. If my body is cold then my muscles won’t preform. It’s like warming up your car before using it. If you step on the gas before your car is heated up then it will damage the engine. If your blood isn’t moving through your muscles when you lift heavy weight you may tear that muscle.

If you take pre-workout drinks like NO-Explode or Jacked 3D, your muscles have to have bloodflow. If your heart rate is resting the supplements won’t travel through your system efficiently. Even if your not using the pre-workout drinks your muscles still need sufficient blood flow before heavy lifting.

Those that don’t warm up will often complain that their supplements don’t do anything and they don’t feel the effect. This is because it is just sitting in their system. If you don’t start doing something it will eventually digest. And it will give you gas if not utilized. Same goes for protein shakes.

If you are lifting heavy I suggest jogging a half mile then doing about 15-25 reps of the muscle group that you will be lifting heavy with that day. If your have pre-workout supplement in your system you will start to feel them kick in during your reps.

If you skip the warm up process you will miss out on the “pump” sensation that you get in your muscles when you lift. Your skin gets tight around your muscles and it feels fantastic. Arnold states it the best in this video:

If this video doesn’t motivate you to workout then nothing will.